13 June 2009

How do we stop the unstoppable force of government?

I have been thinking about how best to stop this madness. How I can make a difference. I feel like I am constantly trying to wake people up, but they remain lethargic and apathetic. I believe most people are entirely ignorant. Not only do they not know anything about the Constitution, they do not want to know. Most people do not even know who the Founding Fathers were and they certainly do not know what they stood for. Enough Americans today do not want to be free. They want a "big brother" to take care of them. God help us, what is it going to take to wake them up? Like Socrates we must be the "gadfly" that pesters the lumbering beasts. Like Socrates we will be persecuted and misunderstood. I do not think all is lost if we can just educate people and wake enough of them up to the dangers we face. Patience and persistence are key.