31 July 2009


In a post some time ago I cited this article which is a collection of Tweets based on the Obama "Hellthcare" bill in the House. After doing my own checking, as well as reading some other views, I have found that some of the lines cited in these Tweets are exaggerated or untrue. Because I am an intellectually honest person, unlike Obama, I wanted to publish a retraction. This article is a fact check of a few of the lines. I still oppose this bill on principle and feel it would be a terrible mistake. I still contend that this plan is merely a stepping stone to government control of healthcare. While some of the purported atrocities within the bill are exaggerated or false, some were also true or partialy true. The language of the bill tends to be obscure or written in "legalese" which explains some of the misinterpretations. I apologize for the mistake. I was on vacation and being lazy. I will certainly be cross referencing my sources more completely in the future.