23 July 2009

Hurray for Prez's Healthcare Scam

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Can you believe the arrogance? Obama thinks Americans are stupid. That may be true of most of his voters, but most Americans are not stupid and most Americans did not vote for him. His press conference tonight was boring and incoherent. Either this guy is an idiot, or he is completely disconnected from reality. The healthcare scam is going to be an ugly mess. I hope it fails. I really hope people wake up and stop this madness. Obama is all about control. He wants the government to control every aspect of our lives. He wants us to depend on government, thus creating an entire class of democrat voters sucking on Uncle Sam's teet. Where is the freedom and liberty that was the promise of America? Where is the common sense? Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed. They would be furious. Not at Obama. But at us. We allowed this madness by not paying attention. We slept while the wolves devoured the Constitution and destroyed our freedom. Wake up! This is just another step towards tyranny. Wake up now before it is too late.