19 August 2009

The Dangers of Socialized Medicine

Many have tried to debate with me about the merits of the "Hellthcare" bill. They insist that it will not result in government controlled healthcare. That's true. It won't instantly result in socialized medicine. It will happen incrementally over time. People are naive to think that the government would put this much money up and not demand a measure of control. Whatever the government pumps money into it controls. This system is no different. I challenge anyone to name one single government program that is run efficiently and effectively. Anyone? Hello? That's what I thought. Now you want them running healthcare?

Anyway, here is a post from Dollars and Sense.
You need to watch the video of Ronald Reagan speaking out against government run socialized healthcare. Really puts it in perspective how long we have been fighting this. The progressives have been trying to socialize healthcare for over 50 years. They know it is the easiest way to control us and ensure a permanent majority. In Britain there are over 1 million people employed in their national health service. The majority of them are bureaucrats. That represents an unbeatable voting block of union goons and statists. That's why the progressives want this here. They want to create another constituency: those dependant on the public healthcare and those employed by it.