06 August 2009

F#*@! 'em if they can't take a joke.

Wow has the left lost its mind over the Obama-Joker poster. Naturally their first reaction is to cry "racism!" You see the race card is often played when the leftists are desperate and completely incapable of making intellectual arguments. Obama has the built in excuse of racism. I can see it now: when Obama fails to win reelection in 2012 the excuse from the media will be "America is a racist country". Nevermind America already elected him once. Oh no, it couldn't be that his policies were unpopular and ineffective. It must be racism. The protestors and TEA Party participants are called racists or Republican hacks (even though most I know are not even Republicans). It can't be that they are concerned Americans who disagree with Obama's statist agenda, of course it must be racism. Nevermind the black people in the crowd. As a matter of fact I seem to recall a black guy being the featured speaker at the Independence Day TEA Party in Omaha last month (he was a Constitutional scholar named Glenn Freeman) Must have been a self-hating black guy right? Or a sell out? The left and Obama have always had thin skin. They cannot stand being attacked or opposed (especially when they have power). I cannot believe the tactics the Dems are using against the American people. They are isolating the protestors and riddiculing them. They are trying to marginalize them. The left supposedly loves dissent. It's so "American". Unless you are dissenting against progressive-socialist-marxist-democrat policies. Then the dissenters are labeled as bigoted-racist-hateful-stupid-political hacks. Well I have one thing to say to Obama and his cronies: Shut up. Sit down. And listen to the American people. I guess that's three things. I could have actually said more, but I am trying to remain civil. For now.