12 August 2009

I'm on a FIRE Right Now!

Obama and the Dems are showing a real authoritarian streak lately. Frankly, it surprised me. I could not believe that Pelosi, Obama, and the rest would be stupid enough to say and do some of the things they have said and done recently. I think it is a sign of their true intentions. My sources, in this country and others, tell me something bad is on the horizon. It is not going to be good. DO NOT trust the government. DO NOT trust Obama and his cronies. I do not trust the GOP anymore than I trust them. This is a dangerous time in American history. I woke up early and now I am trying to ring the warning bells. The future of our Republic is in peril. If only 10% of what I see coming our way actually happens we are in serious trouble. I really, really want to be wrong here. Unfortunately I have been right so far. All I can say right now is that in the next two years the economy (and housing market) will collapse again, something nasty is coming our way from the southern border, watch Russia carefully, China too, Iran + nuke = BOOM! and get ready for hyperinflation. Don't panic or freak out. Don't worry yourself into a depression. Just prepare for the worst. We have survived tough times before, and so we will again. However, we have never faced a multitude of threats like this all at once before. War is coming. Chaos is brewing. The storm clouds are on the horizon. I have been studying history intensely in the last several years. This has, to a lesser extent, happened before. I saw the storm clouds about 3 years ago and said nothing. I tried to "check out" and focus on my life. I can't do that anymore. I am carrying a burden that I can no longer shoulder. I have to try to warn people. Like I said, I want to be wrong. I want to stop worrying. What we are about to face will mirror the Age of Anxiety and rise of totalitarianism to some degree. I am hoping that it will not be as intense and devastating. Just be prepared and demand the truth. Put aside petty differences. Stick together because we will need each other to get through these trials.