06 August 2009

Lanny Davis, Obama Whitehouse Attacking Dissenters

Lanny Davis has THIS to say about the people showing up at townhall meetings across the country. While I find it laughable that he accuses Republicans of using "Fascist" tactics while the "Community Organizer-in-Chief" sits in the Oval Office, his comments are indicative of the left's attitude towards regular Americans trying to get their voices heard. We are at a dangerous time in our nation's history. Never before in my lifetime has our government been so active in trying to silence dissent by riddiculing and marginalizing regular Americans who are simply concerned about their liberty and their country. They are angry at these elitist politicians who would rather lecture them than listen to them. Lanny Davis was forced to back off his statements after he was barraged by emails from Malkin's readers. Here is his "apology". I do not think Lanny is being sincere, but clearly he was affected by the volume of people speaking out against his ignorant and spiteful comments. In his remarks from Politico Lanny Davis said that the media should photograph and name the people speaking out at these townhall meetings. Supposedly so that they could be exposed as frauds. This is sad. Now the left is trying to enlist the media to go after regular Americans, many of them elderly and/or veterans, who are trying to have their voices heard on the issue of government run "hellthcare". On that note the White House is asking people to snitch on their friends and neighbors. The "thought police" are coming.