07 August 2009

This is Profound, The REAL Mob Has Been Deployed

I found this comment posted by Matt Helm on Gateway Pundit talking about this post. Union thugs, including SEIU members, attacked TEA Party Patriots who were trying to attend a townhall meeting with their representative in St. Louis. A black conservative activist was assaulted by union members. Several of the union members, including at least one SEIU member was arrested. All of this occurred after the actual townhall meeting after the representative had left. Union members were given special access to the event and were let in the side door after regular people were stopped from entering the townhall event. This is a dangerous time in American history and I don't think people are even awake yet. Millions of people are waking up, but I fear it might be too late. The comment below was profound:

"An important line was crossed last night. Violence in American politics isn't anything new. Union violence isn't anything new. Union violence in American politics isn't anything new. What IS new is violence against ordinary protesting citizens carried out by union stormtroopers EXPLICITLY CALLED OUT BY and CONDONED by the governing political party and the President of the United States.The next four weeks will be crucial. By the end of September, we will know if we exist in a free republic or in an authoritarian state." -Matt Helm

He is right. Soon we will know if we are too late.