13 August 2009

Trust Me. I'm From the Government.

Someone recently said this to me on a discussion board:
"Democrates, along with Republicians have always stood up for America and the Constitution."

To which I replied:
Not always. Not everyone and not all the time.

Abraham Lincoln suspended habeus corpus jailed protestors and news reporters who disagreed with him.

Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson (as well as their progressive advisors) were big fans of eugenics and promoted the concept throughout their careers. (Not exactly sure about the Constitutionality of eugenics, but I do not see how the concept could possibly be consistent with the spirit of our Constitution.)

Woodrow Wilson, America's first leftwing democrat president, was a racist who segregated the Armed Forces.

Woodrow Wilson kept political prisoners and shut down newspapers that criticized him. He imprisoned anti-war protestors and journalists. In fact at least one remained imprisoned until President Warren Harding released him.

Many of FDR's New Deal policies were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. After intimidating and packing the courts with judges who would do his bidding, FDR rammed many of his projects through anyway.

FDR put thousands of Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during WWII.

FDR signed blantantly unconstitutional legislation several times during his four terms.

There were numerous abuses by various presidents and political officials during the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the War on Drugs. (too numerous to mention here)

Don't forget the Patriot Act and Bush administration policies (which I actually supported at the time, I was wrong). These powers are still being used by the current administration.


Obama and his administration has been busy violating the Constitution in his brief time in office.



Seperation of Powers means nothing to these guys:


Here is some more:



I could go on, but this is already getting tedious. Never trust the government. I did so for a long time. About two or three years ago I began to see the truth. The politicians do not care. They will destroy everything this nation stands for to obtain and maintain their power. Right now the Dems are the biggest offenders, but the Repubs have not been saints either. It is our job to guard the Constitution. The people must be Constitutional watchdogs. We need to raise hell every time these sleezebags go near our liberty. The media is not doing it. The media has gone from watchdog to lapdog. It is up to us.