10 September 2009

ACORN Criminal Enterprise Further Exposed

Glenn Beck has been all over a story Big Government exposed. Also check Gateway Pundit who has also written on it. Two ACORN employees have been fired and may face criminal prosecution for agreeing to help a couple posing as prostitute and pimp use taxpayer funding to set up a whorehouse and bring 13 year old illegal immigrants from Central America to work there. It was all caught on tape. This is just the sort of thing the media used to love covering, except now it is a liberal democrat powerhouse being investigated. Obama is closely connected to ACORN and so of course anything that would hurt "the chosen one" must be ignored to the furthest extent possible. I am just shocked at how stupid the ACORN employees must be. WOW! These are the kind of people that Obama has associated with his entire life. My that reflects poorly on the "messiah". I hope this doesn't hurt Obama's efforts to nationalize healthcare and destroy our economy.