17 September 2009

Are Democrats Starting to Wake Up?

After an estimated 1.7 million people showed up in Washington DC on Saturday Sept. 12, I was hoping there would be more people paying attention to the nightmare unfolding before our eyes. The government power grab and rampant corruption has finally awakened a sleeping giant-the American people. Unfortunately most of the media is compliant with the current regime. All of the major networks and most of the newspapers are firmly in Obama's back pocket. The massive rally in DC last weekend was either ignored or it was riddiculed by snobbish media elites. I am familiar with the 9-12 Project movement and the TEA Party movement. There is an ever increasing number of democrats joining the ranks of these everyday Americans who have never protested before, but are now worried about the direction of their country. I have been wondering where the good democrats were. I know they exist at the local level, but in national politics they are silent. There are no democrat leaders standing up for the Constitution, or even the majority of the American people. Now I will disagree with about everything Russ Feingold stands for, but I applaud him for standing up to Obama. Feingold recently sent a letter to Obama questioning his appointment of multiple "czars".

To me this is a sign of hope. Congress may finally be starting to understand what is happening here. Obama is creating a framework that will one day render Congress irrelevant. The czars are what will be left standing if the system collapses. That is how tyranny will take root on American soil.

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