11 September 2009

Remember 9-11

Eight years ago today a group of Islamofascists murdered 3,000 Americans. That day should have forever changed America. It didn't. Already most Americans have forgotten what that day felt like. Already most Americans do not understand the sacrifice that so many people made; both the firefighters and other heroes who tried to save lives and the military heroes who struck back in the years since. American has forgotten. Now we have a president who views the CIA and US military with contempt. Instead of supporting the men and women who have kept us safe for the last eight years he wants to prosecute them. Our government is a disgrace. The politicians are the ones that deserve contempt. Our politicians are the ones that should be prosecuted.

Just remember what happened this day. Hold it sacred. To hell with Obama and the rest of the corrupt politicians who will soil the memory of this day.

Here is a website dedicated to teaching kids about 9-11: http://www.learnabout9-11.org/