18 September 2009

Sacred Honor

Over two hundred years ago a small group of exceptional human beings forged a great country. Born of fire, bullets, and blood the American experiment began with the creation of the world's first government based upon the concepts of natural law. Freedom, liberty, individual responsibility were to be cherished. The tyrants that so dominated human history were to be vanquished under the American system and they were not allowed a foothold here. The Constitution chartered a system of governance that limited the powers of government in favor of the governed. So it was for about a hundred and fifty years. Then something changed. People lost a moral compass neccessary for self-governance. Some citizens discovered that if they voted for certain politicians they would rob the treasury and give them money. The politicians realized they could bribe the people with the people's own money. Government grew as greedy power hungry politicians desired perpetual reelection and the perks of running the government. Politicians were bought and sold by sleazy special interests. Money is the real opiate of the masses. Those with money gained more power, those with the power gained more money. Slowly the Constitution's firewalls were breached and America descended into soft tyranny. More laws, more regulations, more government programs-all destroyed the citizen's confidence and will and freedom. People became dependent on government. People became slaves to the system. Corruption spoils the once hallowed halls in the highest offices of power. The rank festering rot spews a stench that burns the hairs within our nostrils. We know it is there but we plug our nose and look away even as snot stains our hands and tears roll through our eyes. The political elite grow fat on the backs of the American people and yet they cheer "hope and change, hope and change. yeah!" Meanwhile the politicians laugh and slap each other on the back. What a great scam. Slowly some people wake up, but they are insulted, marginalized, despised, attacked, and ignored at the same time. Will it be too late to save the Republic? Hard to say, the State and its minions will not release their jaws from the throats of our people without a fight. You may say that I am overstating the threat. I say that I am awake and you are asleep. Don't worry the time will come when you stand with me. Time wins more minds than reason.