23 October 2009

I Admit It! I Am A Republican Donor

I am officially a Republican donor now. I got one of those policy surveys in the mail that are actually just letters from the RNC begging for money. I usually throw them away, but today I filled out the survey and I sent them some money. I sent the RNC $1,000.

On a completely unrelated topic, the other day I was playing Homer Simpson Operation with my kids. It is just like the classic game Operation, but Homer is the patient and he says D'oh. So anyway, there is money in the game with a picture of Homer Simpson on it of course.

Yeah the $1,000 I sent to the RNC was in the form of two $500 Homer dollar bills. I wrote a note on the back of one of them. It read: "You better hold on to this, it will be worth more than the U.S. dollar soon!" I really hope they appreciate my sense of humor. At least I put a stamp on the envelope so they won't have to pay for the postage.