03 October 2009

Obama's Lemmings

"I have always said that individually people can be smart and reasonable. Put those same people into a crowd, political party, or government, however, and you will get a dumb and overzealous beast. For some reason the herding instincts take over and people just follow the leader, even if they are leading them over a cliff."

-William James Epler

I made this statement a very long time ago and I am amazed at just how true it has become. Obama and his followers are willing to destroy this country in order to achieve their political goals. The modern Democrat Party is absolutely insane, or at least its leaders and/or puppet masters are. The Republican Party is basically irrelevant and completely devoid of philosophical leadership. God help us we are stuck between choosing a quick bloody death on a fiery rocket ship (the democrats) or decapitation on a slow motion train wreck (the republicans). If there are any reasonable democrats left WAKE UP! We need you! If there are any reasonable politicians, democrat or republican, that will put the country and the people before power and party then stand up and lead! The independents need to wake up and lead this country and stop ceding power to the 20% on each fringe of the political spectrum. Political parties and special interest groups, like unions and big corporations, need to be rooted out of the system and eliminated from the halls of power in this country. The people need to be in charge again. I am sick of the two parties, Two Card Monty bullshit. It's time to fire all the corrupt bastards and end the political games and career politicians' leeching of the system. Obama embodies all of the things I hated about Bush, and lacks the one thing that I admired Bush for. At least Bush was willing to stand up for America's interests and was willing to tell the rest of the world to (paraphrase) "go fuck themselves". When it comes to foreign policy, Obama is a naive pushover with all of the skill, maturity, and experience of a soiled diaper. I just hope we can get a new Congress in 2010 to slow the march to obsolescence and ruin before it is too late. Then, hopefully in 2012, someone skillful enough to undo the damage will become president. I don’t care what political party wins, I just want people to solve problems and stop playing games. The republicans failed when they were in charge, and now the democrats are failing miserably. We need leaders like Jefferson, Franklin, or Washington, or more recently Reagan and JFK. Hell, I’d even settle for a Bill Clinton at this point. Even he wasn’t willing to destroy the country and he was smart enough to move to the middle out of self-preservation. He was still a disaster on the foreign policy and national security front, but today self-preservation would dictate he make better decisions. People can be reasonable and smart as individuals. Right now special interest groups and politicians are running the country and there is a whole lot of “group think” going on. As Kierkegaard says “the crowd is untruth” and right now the crowd is marching us off of a cliff.