16 October 2009


A revolution is underway in America right now. Chairman Obama and his assortment of Marxist thugs and pseudo-intellectuals that he has appointed as Czars or advisors are rapidly implementing their plans. Everything they have done up to this point is straight out of all the old communist playbooks. These people have followed every tenet of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. These radicals emulate mass murderers like Chairman Mao, Castro, and Che' Guevara. They openly express admiration for dictators like Hugo Chavez. While Obama has thus far remained aloof from the philosophical unity between the members of his administration and the Marxist thugs and tyrants of the last 100 years, it is very concerning that such dangerous and anti-American sycophants are surrounding the president and controlling the levers of power in Washington. They have formulated a coalition of corrupt union and political allies from across the spectrum to facilitate a complete takeover. The intention and systematic destruction of our financial and economic systems is nearing a tipping point. Soon there will be no going back. I do not think 2010 or 2012 will come soon enough to prevent the collapse and eventual takeover of America by Marxist radicals. We have to stop them now and the first battle is healthcare. The proposed healthcare program is a ruse. It has little or nothing to do with reforming our healthcare system. It is all being done behind our backs. There is no single draft of the healthcare bill; instead it is a patchwork of various bills from different committees in both houses of Congress being pieced together in closed door meetings of high ranking Congressional scumbags. This "hellthcare" bill is in reality a measure towards the eventual enslavement of the people of the United States of America. The taxes, regulations, and new government bureaucracy the bills call for will thrust government control into the private lives of every American and destroy the capitalist system upon which America was founded and her greatness was achieved. Don't count on the republicans to stop the democrats and defeat the ever expanding statist regime. They might slow things down a bit, but the end result is essentially the same. BOTH political parties must be defeated. I am calling for an Independent counter-revolution. Just as the TEA Parties, townhall meetings, and 9-12 rallies across the country showed a surging pulse for anti-statism, I believe it is time the rest of America woke up and took this country back from a political elite bent on control and power and the growth of government. These political elitists are forming an oligarchy and will try to destroy our Republic. They are waiting for an emergency. There will be a national emergency that they will use to supplant the Constitution and impose irreversible control over every aspect of the people's lives. It could be a terrorist attack, some kind of widespread domestic violence, or further economic collapse. The latter is the most likely as most indicators point to a "double dip" depression coming in the next few years which will probably take a decade to recover from. Let me be clear, I DO NOT advocate violence. The counter-revolution must be peaceful or we will only play into the hands of the statists. We must, as Beck has said, model ourselves after Gandhi and MLK. Peaceful resistance will prevail over the thuggish community organizer tactics used by the left. They will strike violently first. They already have shown their tendency towards violence, as demonstrated by the SEIU thugs who assaulted a townhall protestor earlier this year. They may even create the violence that they will then use as their excuse to implement their plans. Don't be surprised if the news shows some crazy person, who they will claim is a 'right-winger', committing some act of violence. Also don't be surprised if the guy ends up being affiliated with the unions or ACORN or some other arm of the Marxist revolution currently underway. Prepare yourself and family for the worst and pray for the best. All of this can be avoided. The Marxists and Statists have already overplayed their hand in a few ways, and they have underestimated the will and intelligence of the American people. The people are waking up and making their voices heard. The people will stop this and they will do it peacefully. The economic turmoil might even be avoided if we are able to stop now and reverse course. There are so many variables and any unknown circumstance that I have failed to consider may very well end the revolutionaries' power grab without a shot being fired. I hope that I am wrong about the nightmare that is unfolding and I hope that it can be prevented. For now it is best to be vigilant and active in opposing anything that the politicians try to do in the next couple of years. Suspect everything the political parties tell us. Do not trust them. A healthy skepticism of government must once again be bred into the American fabric. We have lost our sense of responsibility over the years and we fell asleep guarding our liberty. We are waking up now, but I fear we are too late.