08 October 2009

Troop Morale Declining

From Gateway Pundit A report shows US troops in Afghanistan are losing heart. Morale has declined dramatically since Obama has been president,

I can vouch for authenticity here. Not one of my military friends, comrades, or co-workers have faith or confidence in Obama. He has not earned our respect. Obama is blatantly hostile towards the military and surrounds himself with thugs who hate us. Left-wingers have always hated the US military and they make our job harder. The leftists get people like me killed. Unfortunately the same leftists who hate us and undermine our efforts are running the democrat party and the country.

I know people in the military that will not reenlist if Obama is reelected. There are people I know that have already gotten out for that same reason. They don't trust Obama or his leftwing allies. Neither do I. There was a big deal made over an article that Human Events published where the author considered the possibility of a military coup in this country should Obama go too far. No one wants that to happen, but it is not crazy to consider the possibilities. It is highly unlikely and it would be a dangerous situation, but in science nothing is ever impossible and we delude ourselves to think that the unthinkable will never occur. You only need look back a few years to see how wrong we have been in the past. The unthinkable has happened before and will happen again. People that fear Obama is taking us to a totalitarian end are villified, but they are in fact simply following events to their logical conclusions. Read history. This path has been laid out before. We are naive to think we are immune from history. That is why the military is wary of Obama and his policies. We pay attention to history and to the principles of freedom. Obama is blantantly defying those principles