11 November 2009

Journalism is Dead (Or, at least on life support)

Name one serious journalist. No Katie Couric is not a serious journalist. Off the top of my head I can think of only one fair and serious journalist on the alphabet networks and that's Jake Tapper with ABC. There might be a few more I am not familiar with. The nightly new guys are not journalists anymore. They, like Obama, merely read a teleprompter. The days when the news anchor went out and did the dirty work are gone. Journalism is dead, with very few exceptions. Had we some decent journalists out there today we wouldn't have the disaster named Obama. He would never have made it out of the primaries. They better wake up soon. If the media doesn't start asserting itself against the Obama Adminstration and resume its traditional post as the watchdog, then the media will soon be irrelevant. Soon after that liberty will likely follow.