24 November 2009

Terrorists in NYC

I haven't said anything about the decision to bring the terrorists to NYC for a civilian trial. I think this whole thing is a scam. The argument is that we are a nation of laws and people deserve a trial. Yes, we are a nation of laws. According to those laws the individuals captured on a battlefield and held at GITMO are NOT afforded Constitutional rights. They are not mere criminals and they sure has hell are not US citizens. Military tribubals are more than they deserve in terms of 'due process'. We have given them comforts and rights that they and their ilke would never give us. They deserve to be treated far worse than we have treated them. However, because we are America we have treated them with a higher level of dignity and humanity than they probably have ever experienced in their lives. They see our kindness as weakness and seek to further exploit that weakness. According to international laws we could have shot these individuals on site. They are terrorists and are not subjected to the same protections that uniformed soldiers are under international agreements. This trial is a show trial. It is a circus meant to distract and divide the American people. The politicians are playing political games with our national security right now. With each passing month we are placed at ever increasing peril. My fear is that something dramatic and tragic will occur before the rest of America wakes up and demands accountability from their corrupt and incompetent government.