17 November 2009


I would like to welcome all of the followers of this blog. Specifically I would like to welcome the two who are following publicly. Thanks for not being scared. I didn't realize that I had so many followers. No one seemed to comment much. I have recently changed my comments system to the blogger comment link. I was using Intense Debate, which seemed to not be working out well. So if you have wanted to comment before and simply did not want to sign up for the other comment profile, you no longer have to and it is back to the basic blogger comment link that pops up in another window. Now that I realize that there are people actually reading this stuff, besides my Facebook crowd, I will post more frequently. I will also try to write up some posts that will get people mad and make them want to comment. Anyone can contribute if there is something you want to write and post here. Just let me know and I will either make you a contributor, or send it to me and I will post it for you. Looking forward to the future. Should be a lot of fun, and there will be plenty to say.



Kris said...

I can't figure out why people don't follow publicly, it's a bit creepy actually. Everyone that follows mine does so publicly. Maybe I'm just not special enough to have stalkers? Anyway, you're welcome.