30 December 2009

Wednesday Hero

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29 December 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Get ready to fight!

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday vacation. After the 1st it will be time to gear up and fight. The statists will be on the march and we have to be ready. The "hellthcare" debacle has gone to conference. Hopefull this nightmare ends there, but I am not counting on it. The last line of defense will be nullification. 20+ states will be considering laws to nullify the federal healthcare reform bill next year. We need to support them and encourage such a movement in our states. Obama's next push will be for amnesty for illegal immigrants. They will push for this hard. The radical agenda being pushed by Obama and his cronies is highly unpopular with the American people. The dems are sure to be devastated in 2010, unless they can secure tens of millions of new voters. That is their plan. They will push to leagalize tens of millions of illegal immigrants so that they can then vote in more socialist democrats who, ironically enough, want to turn America into a socialist hellhole like the one most of these immigrants just fled. Don't forget about the tax and cap scam too. It has lost a lot of steam and is dead in the Senate for the time being. With the climategate revelations and viciously cold winter weather people are not willing to listen to climate change nonsense and hyperbole at the moment. That will not stop the statists from pushing it, however, so be on guard. This is going to be a long busy year. Be prepared for some nasty fighting, especially around election time later in the year. We need to halt the advance of tyranny in America and secure liberty and freedom for our future. Then we can undo the damage sustained over the last several years. Remember to be skeptical of all politicians, regardless of party affiliation. Don't fall into the same traps again. Hold whoever is in office accountable to the Constitution.

22 December 2009

The Healthcare Nightmare Goes On

This healthcare disaster is indicative of everything wrong with Washington DC and American politics in general. We have corruption, bribery, extortion, closed-door meetings, big business and big union special interest group payoffs, and an accounting scam that any private citizen would end up in federal prison for. Ten years worth of taxes to pay for 6 years of "benefits" that won't begin until late 2012. Sounds like a great deal. If you buy that, then I guess Barnum was right. I think we can all agree that healthcare is a problem and it needs to be reformed. We need the right reform and this bill is an unmitigated disaster for America. There is clearly no rush so why not start over and do this honestly. This is the season for redemption. Congress and president Obama could redeem themselves in my eyes if they stopped trying to ram this bill down the throats of the American people. The people don't want this bill. The gov't is supposed to work for us, not vice versa. It would be very wise for them to scrap the bill, go home, and then come back next year and start fresh. They could craft a more effective reform bill that would have instantaneous benefit for people. If they began with an honest debate and conducted the process with clarity and transparency perhaps the American people would support it. Maybe we could come together and present some common sense reforms that would not destroy the economy and cripple us with debt. But then I guess that would require a Christmas miracle.

20 December 2009

Healthcare Analysis

Heritage has some great analysis of the Senate "Hellthcare" bill.

"The Senate is engaged in a deadly serious debate on a 2,074-page bill that would overhaul the entire health care sector of the economy, profoundly affecting the personal lives of 300 million Americans. It would erect massive federal controls over private health insurance, dictating the content of insurance benefit packages and the use of medical treatments, procedures, and medical devices.

The bill would also make major changes in payments to doctors, hospitals, and medical professionals in Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs; establish new federal agencies, bureaus, and commissions to oversee various aspects of the health care system, including how physicians and other medical professionals deliver care; and alter the relationship between the federal government and the states, transferring massive regulatory power to the federal government while reducing the flexibility of state officials to manage Medicaid and limiting their capacity to initiate health insurance reforms within their own states.
The Senate bill would impose enormous costs on the American people, totaling at least $2.5 trillion for the first 10 years. After the first 10 years, as costs escalated, Congress would need to impose additional major tax increases and impose major cuts in benefits to pay for this health care agenda.
The American people want and need health reform, but the Senate bill is clearly not what they have in mind."

The bill also may cause some unintended employment discrimination:
"The Senate health care bill includes a well-known "employer mandate" provision that would require employers to either offer a "qualified" health plan and pay 60 percent of the premium or pay an annual tax penalty of $750 per full-time employee.

What is less well-known is that the provision would also tax companies even if they do offer insurance -- but only if they hire people from low- and moderate-income families who qualify for, and elect to accept, premium subsidies. And the tax penalty for hiring those employees -- arguably the people who need jobs the most -- would be a whopping $3,000 per employee per year.
The combination of this tax penalty and the rules for determining who qualifies for premium subsidies would encourage companies to engage in some new and repulsive forms of employment discrimination."

From Heritage.org

19 December 2009

The Nightmare Continues

The nightmare that is the Obama Administration continues undaunted toward complete annihilation of the US Constitution and the ideals of American exceptionalism. The dark shroud of socialism and totalitarianism is nearing our shores and I fear that there is not enough time to stop it. The federal takeover of the healthcare system will probably pass. Unfortunately Senator Ben Nelson, or soon to be former Senator, has been bought off and will support the healthcare debacle. This happens after an apparent failed attempt by the White House to threaten Ben Nelson with the closure of Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska. This is my neck of the woods, so I am familiar with the situation. While Nelson and the White House have denied the claim (of course they would) there are numerous sources standing behind the story. An investigation has been called for, but it is unlikely that anything will become of it. This would be unthinkable under normal circumstances, but this is the Obama Chicago machine running the country the "Chicago Way" through bribery and intimidation. This administration is corrupt to the hilt and it will not let anything, or anyone, stop them from achieving their nefarious goals. Obama has continually attacked his opponents and followed the Saul Alinsky model religiously. Obama continues to attack private companies. He and his surrogates try to undermine, marginalize, and destroy anyone who won't simply be bought off. While Obama is trying to destroy America domestically, countries like Iran, terror groups like Al-Qaeda, and leftists worldwide are trying to increase their power. Iran continues to grow more belligerent and has seized an Iraqi oil field. Terrorists are emboldened by our dithering commander-in-chief and there is not a dictator on earth that fears and/or respects Obama. America was once the beacon of freedom on earth. Now we seem more aligned with leftwing dictators like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. In fact at least one of Obama's administration officials is a big fan of Chavez. The fact is Obama has surrounded himself with radicals, communists, Marxists, and self-serving corrupt fat cat union thugs. I fear for both President Obama's safety and for the future of our country. I do not think Obama is entirely evil. He has simply surrounded himself with dangerous people. The coalition that he formed in order to get himself elected now rules him. That is why he is willing to push unpopular legislation like healthcare. The leftwing radicals that surround him demand it. Even if it destroys the democratic party he will push it because he promised it to them. Whether Obama is intentionally trying to crash the system through some sort of Cloward and Piven inspired strategy to foment revolutionary change, or he is just another politician in over his head remains unclear. One fact is undisputable: unless we get a new Congress next year, and unless we begin moving in the opposite direction from where Obama has taken us, we will not recognize the United States of America. The American Experiment will be over, and it will have failed.

16 December 2009

Wednesday Hero

Wednesday Hero is having some technical difficulties so go to the link to view today's:


"This week's Wednesday Hero is both an individual, and a group. The group we honor are the milblogs: the military blogs, spouse blogs, and support blogs who bring you the news and information you can get nowhere else. The information and news that matter to you. The individual we honor today is C. J. Grisham.

Army Master Sgt. C. J. Grisham has always led from the front, from combat that earned him the Bronze Star with V device, to doing right by the men he led. His honesty won him readership and respect, from the White House on down. Yet, when he stood up for his children in school, his command did not stand by him. You can read more at Military Times to get the full story."

14 December 2009

Just for Fun

Here is an interesting video: http://www.motivationtruth.com/2009/12/dopenhagen-by-zo-rachel.html

Some cartoons: http://www.nadmennymillicent.com/2009/12/cartoons-part-3.html

...and Palin's appearance on the Tonight Show: http://www.motivationtruth.com/2009/12/governor-palin-tonight-show-and-wounded.html

10 December 2009

Wednesday Hero

Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Elsey
Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Elsey

U.S. Navy

Abdul Rashid, a 5-year-old resident of the Nawa district of Afghanistan, receives a dressing for a wound on his face from Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Elsey, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, while a linguist translates at a medical aid station at Patrol Base Jaker Dec. 3. Rashid was injured by a motorcycle earlier that day. Navy hospital corpsmen like Elsey routinely see local residents and children here to treat their wounds.

Photo Courtesy United States Marine Corps

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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06 December 2009

Suhperman for Heisman!!!

***UPDATE: Suh finishes 4th in Heisman voting with the highest vote total ever for a 4th place finalist. Ingram of Alabama brings home the first ever Heisman for the Tide. Not unexpected at all. Suh is still the best player in college football.
***Update: Jim Rome of ESPN endorses Suh for Heisman.

Ndamukong Suh (First name means "House of Spears") defensive tackle for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers deserves serious consideration for the Heisman trophy. Especially following the Big 12 Championship Game last night. Suh almost singlehandedly destroyed Texas and nearly willed Nebraska to the upset win. If Nebraska had managed any offense whatsoever last night they would have won the game easily. Despite having virtually no offensive production and only 5 first downs, Nebraska should probably have won the game anyway. A key mistake on the last kickoff by the kicker and some questionable officiating was all that prevented an upset and ensuing BCS chaos. Suh is the leading candidate for every major defensive award for the year. He will most likely be the #1 draft pick (he is #1 on Mel Kiper's draft board) and he will be a force in the NFL. Despite facing double teams, holding, and being chop blocked all night by Texas offensive lineman, Suh exploded for 12 tackles (7 TFL) and 4.5 sacks. He destroyed the Texas offense and probably cost Colt McCoy a shot at the Heisman. If Suh doesn't at least get the invite to New York for the Heisman voting, it proves once and for all that the Heisman trophy is a meaningless award given only to flashy offensive players on winning teams. No player in college football this year has been more dominating and meant more to his team than Suh. Over the past two seasons Suh has been dominating offenses. He ran two interceptions back for TD's last year. He has 4 ints in his career, which is unsual for a DT. When he doesn't get the sack, he gets his hands up and breaks up the pass. When he doesn't make the tackle in the backfield he has the pursuit to run them down. He has blocked 4 field goals this season and is disruptive on every play. He leads his team in tackles! The 6'4 300lbs defensive tackle didn't start playing football until 8th grade. Before that he played soccer and his excellent footwork may be a product of that experience. He has the awareness of a linebacker and will often set only after hearing the calls and seeing the offensive formation. He is smart and that gives him as much of an edge as his physical tools. Runningbacks Gerhart of Stanford and Ingram from Alabama are certainly deserving of Heisman consideration and I won't be too mad if they win it. However, Suh should at least be given consideration. He is hands down the most dominating defensive lineman I have ever seen. If he stays healthy in the NFL he will be a force to reckon with.

05 December 2009

Global Warming Alarmism Proven to be a Fraud; Media Remains Silent

Out of touch mainstream media ignored major story:

With the Copenhagen Climate Conference looming the pseudo-science behind global warming has come into question.

Some global warming scientists are trying to hide and falsify data and alter the peer review system to silence skeptics.

I think that there are serious environmental issues that require attention. However, the whole global warming movement has been hijacked by opportunistic leftists that are trying to make money and gain political power. Many of the high profile global warming proponents are known marxists just trying to bring down capitalism. The science does not support the level of hysteria surrounding this issue. But, the fact is we are doing some serious damage to ecosystems and we need to do everything possible to protect and restore as much as we can. This can be accomplished without marxist cap and trade policies and high taxation. Eco-tourism is a booming industry and no one wants a dirty planet. If we can just get passed the phony global warming alarmism and talk about serious envrionmental issues we can begin to solve some of these problems.

04 December 2009

Obama's Failure on the Economy is Apparent

According to the latest numbers states that are largely controlled by democrats are suffering the most from this recession. Job Woes Hit Blue States Hardest...

Seven of the top ten states receiving the most stimulus money are blue states. To be fair these are also the most populous states and per capita they are not getting as much as say Wyoming who has about 4 unemployed people in it anyway. That's another complaint about Obama's so-called stimulus plan:
The states with the most unemployment are not getting as much help.

Then consider the fact that the Obama Administration has been cooking the books and lying about the number of jobs "saved or created". It's all a bunch of BS anyway. The government is getting away with an accounting scandal that would land a private company in federal court.

Stimulus money was sent to Congressional districts that do not even exist!

The amount of fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer money is staggering. All of this illustrates the point that government cannot create anything. Government is only good at destroying, corrupting, or complicating things. The government cannot create jobs or stimulate an economy by spending absurd amounts of money. The best thing that the government can do is get out of the way. Reduce spending, cut taxes, and create a safe environment in which people can do business, invent, innovate, create jobs, and build wealth. All I want the federal government to do is protect the country and get the hell out of my way. The unemployment rate according to the government dropped from 10.2% to 10% today. So freaking what?! That is not an improvement. Retailers hired more part-timers for the shopping season. Jan. 1 they will be unemployed again and the unemployment rate will rise to about 10.3%. It will continue to rise throughout most of the next year. Real unemployment numbers are closer to 17% when you calculate the individuals who gave up looking, whose unemployment benefits ran out, and those who are under-employed (meaning they are working part-time, but need full-time employment).  Employers cannot take a risk and add to their payroll while Obama hangs the specter of massive new healthcare taxes and liabilities over their heads. (also watch this) Industries will not expand while the Senate is planning to burden us with ever increasing new cap and trade taxes and exer increasing energy prices. Small businesses are not going to be created while people are terrified about the direction of the economy. Obama's policies have created an atmosphere of anxiety and distrust. Banks cannot lend and investors will not invest. Meanwhile people are being squeezed by higher prices, higer taxes, and lower wages. The federal government continues to burden our children and grandchildren with massive debt. The dollar may crash. If that happens things will only get worse. So while Obama and his cronies are celebrating all the jobs they are supposedly creating or "saving" the real world keeps on suffering. Many analysts are predicting a double dip recession and the next crash will be worse. Dr. Doom has some dire predictions. I don't know a lot about him, but he predicted the financial collapse last year and he was right.

So while Obama finally decides to talk about creating jobs after losing millions of them, I am warning people to be prepared. I hope something happens to change the equation for the better. I hope we can stop the downward spiral. Unfortuantely, if Obama's first year in office has been an indicator I see things getting much worse. Of course the Obamabots will claim "well Obama inherited this mess from George Bush!" Shut up! Are you kidding me? That crap didn't fly when Bush "inherited" a recession from Clinton, why should Obama get a free pass? I guess the hope 'n change we were promised by Obama will be a lower standard of living for all Americans. I hope Obama wakes up and does the right thing. I hope he turns this thing around. I am not holding my breath for that though. To accomplish that he'd have to go against every leftist instinct in his body. I don't see that happening.

Obama's Surge

Obama has unveiled his great plan for Afghanistan. He is sending 35000 troops (5000 less than McCrystal's requested minimum of 40000) and they will be home by fall of 2012. Obama doesn't even believe in Obama's plan. Hence the time table. You can establish a timeline without announcing it to the enemy. All Obama did was signal his weakness. The perceived weakness of our leaders is why Afghanistan and Iraq have been seeing increasing levels of violence in recent months. At any rate, there is little reason for us to invest so much into Afghanistan. We should seek to effectively manage the country rather than initiate any further nation-building steps. It is a tribal region that has never had a strong central government. We can prevent the Taliban and Al-Qaeda from building a stronghold, but there is little else we can do for the Afghans unless they initiate change themselves. Al-Qaeda is in Pakistan and Somalia. Our interests would be better served working in those nations to destroy the enemy and show them we can hit them wherever they hide. I will support Obama's surge if he fights to win. Unfortunately I think his strategy is more about a protracted retreat than a surge to victory. What I find humorous is that 3 years ago Obama was riddiculing Bush's surge and saying it would not work. Now Obama is implementing essentially the exact same plan and even sending administration officials to capitol hill to sell the plan to Congress. Gates just testified the merits of the plan by pointing to Iraq's success as a model. As usual democrats are being hypocrites. Corruptocrat John Murtha, who demanded timetables for Bush's surge, is now arguing against Obama's current timetables. His anit-war leftwing base is "grieving" over my fellow Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Obama has manged to piss off the right and left on this one. Good job, that takes talent.

02 December 2009

Wednesday Hero

Spc. Michael P. Garton & Spc. Rolando R. Flores
Spc. Michael P. Garton & Spc. Rolando R. Flores

U.S. Army

Spc. Michael P. Garton, a gunner with the Personal Security Detachment, with the 36th Sustainment Brigade out of Temple, Texas, and a Texarkana, Texas, native, relaxes on a Humvee and shares a laugh with Spc. Rolando R. Flores, a gunner with the PSD and a San Antonio native, during a break in preparations for a mission Nov. 23 in the maintenance yard at Contingency Operating Location Adder, Iraq.

Photo Courtesy U.S. Army

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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01 December 2009

NEW! Wednesday Hero

Starting tommorrow this blog will participate in the Wednesday Hero posts started by our friend at Right-Wing & Right Minded. It is a post that will honor a military member, veteran, family, or other hero each Wednesday. It is a wonderful reminder to appreciate all we have due to the efforts of extraordinary men and women serving their country and defending freedom all over the world. If anyone else would like to feature the Wednesday Hero on their blog go HERE.