05 December 2009

Global Warming Alarmism Proven to be a Fraud; Media Remains Silent

Out of touch mainstream media ignored major story:

With the Copenhagen Climate Conference looming the pseudo-science behind global warming has come into question.

Some global warming scientists are trying to hide and falsify data and alter the peer review system to silence skeptics.

I think that there are serious environmental issues that require attention. However, the whole global warming movement has been hijacked by opportunistic leftists that are trying to make money and gain political power. Many of the high profile global warming proponents are known marxists just trying to bring down capitalism. The science does not support the level of hysteria surrounding this issue. But, the fact is we are doing some serious damage to ecosystems and we need to do everything possible to protect and restore as much as we can. This can be accomplished without marxist cap and trade policies and high taxation. Eco-tourism is a booming industry and no one wants a dirty planet. If we can just get passed the phony global warming alarmism and talk about serious envrionmental issues we can begin to solve some of these problems.