29 December 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Get ready to fight!

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday vacation. After the 1st it will be time to gear up and fight. The statists will be on the march and we have to be ready. The "hellthcare" debacle has gone to conference. Hopefull this nightmare ends there, but I am not counting on it. The last line of defense will be nullification. 20+ states will be considering laws to nullify the federal healthcare reform bill next year. We need to support them and encourage such a movement in our states. Obama's next push will be for amnesty for illegal immigrants. They will push for this hard. The radical agenda being pushed by Obama and his cronies is highly unpopular with the American people. The dems are sure to be devastated in 2010, unless they can secure tens of millions of new voters. That is their plan. They will push to leagalize tens of millions of illegal immigrants so that they can then vote in more socialist democrats who, ironically enough, want to turn America into a socialist hellhole like the one most of these immigrants just fled. Don't forget about the tax and cap scam too. It has lost a lot of steam and is dead in the Senate for the time being. With the climategate revelations and viciously cold winter weather people are not willing to listen to climate change nonsense and hyperbole at the moment. That will not stop the statists from pushing it, however, so be on guard. This is going to be a long busy year. Be prepared for some nasty fighting, especially around election time later in the year. We need to halt the advance of tyranny in America and secure liberty and freedom for our future. Then we can undo the damage sustained over the last several years. Remember to be skeptical of all politicians, regardless of party affiliation. Don't fall into the same traps again. Hold whoever is in office accountable to the Constitution.