19 December 2009

The Nightmare Continues

The nightmare that is the Obama Administration continues undaunted toward complete annihilation of the US Constitution and the ideals of American exceptionalism. The dark shroud of socialism and totalitarianism is nearing our shores and I fear that there is not enough time to stop it. The federal takeover of the healthcare system will probably pass. Unfortunately Senator Ben Nelson, or soon to be former Senator, has been bought off and will support the healthcare debacle. This happens after an apparent failed attempt by the White House to threaten Ben Nelson with the closure of Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska. This is my neck of the woods, so I am familiar with the situation. While Nelson and the White House have denied the claim (of course they would) there are numerous sources standing behind the story. An investigation has been called for, but it is unlikely that anything will become of it. This would be unthinkable under normal circumstances, but this is the Obama Chicago machine running the country the "Chicago Way" through bribery and intimidation. This administration is corrupt to the hilt and it will not let anything, or anyone, stop them from achieving their nefarious goals. Obama has continually attacked his opponents and followed the Saul Alinsky model religiously. Obama continues to attack private companies. He and his surrogates try to undermine, marginalize, and destroy anyone who won't simply be bought off. While Obama is trying to destroy America domestically, countries like Iran, terror groups like Al-Qaeda, and leftists worldwide are trying to increase their power. Iran continues to grow more belligerent and has seized an Iraqi oil field. Terrorists are emboldened by our dithering commander-in-chief and there is not a dictator on earth that fears and/or respects Obama. America was once the beacon of freedom on earth. Now we seem more aligned with leftwing dictators like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. In fact at least one of Obama's administration officials is a big fan of Chavez. The fact is Obama has surrounded himself with radicals, communists, Marxists, and self-serving corrupt fat cat union thugs. I fear for both President Obama's safety and for the future of our country. I do not think Obama is entirely evil. He has simply surrounded himself with dangerous people. The coalition that he formed in order to get himself elected now rules him. That is why he is willing to push unpopular legislation like healthcare. The leftwing radicals that surround him demand it. Even if it destroys the democratic party he will push it because he promised it to them. Whether Obama is intentionally trying to crash the system through some sort of Cloward and Piven inspired strategy to foment revolutionary change, or he is just another politician in over his head remains unclear. One fact is undisputable: unless we get a new Congress next year, and unless we begin moving in the opposite direction from where Obama has taken us, we will not recognize the United States of America. The American Experiment will be over, and it will have failed.