04 December 2009

Obama's Failure on the Economy is Apparent

According to the latest numbers states that are largely controlled by democrats are suffering the most from this recession. Job Woes Hit Blue States Hardest...

Seven of the top ten states receiving the most stimulus money are blue states. To be fair these are also the most populous states and per capita they are not getting as much as say Wyoming who has about 4 unemployed people in it anyway. That's another complaint about Obama's so-called stimulus plan:
The states with the most unemployment are not getting as much help.

Then consider the fact that the Obama Administration has been cooking the books and lying about the number of jobs "saved or created". It's all a bunch of BS anyway. The government is getting away with an accounting scandal that would land a private company in federal court.

Stimulus money was sent to Congressional districts that do not even exist!

The amount of fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer money is staggering. All of this illustrates the point that government cannot create anything. Government is only good at destroying, corrupting, or complicating things. The government cannot create jobs or stimulate an economy by spending absurd amounts of money. The best thing that the government can do is get out of the way. Reduce spending, cut taxes, and create a safe environment in which people can do business, invent, innovate, create jobs, and build wealth. All I want the federal government to do is protect the country and get the hell out of my way. The unemployment rate according to the government dropped from 10.2% to 10% today. So freaking what?! That is not an improvement. Retailers hired more part-timers for the shopping season. Jan. 1 they will be unemployed again and the unemployment rate will rise to about 10.3%. It will continue to rise throughout most of the next year. Real unemployment numbers are closer to 17% when you calculate the individuals who gave up looking, whose unemployment benefits ran out, and those who are under-employed (meaning they are working part-time, but need full-time employment).  Employers cannot take a risk and add to their payroll while Obama hangs the specter of massive new healthcare taxes and liabilities over their heads. (also watch this) Industries will not expand while the Senate is planning to burden us with ever increasing new cap and trade taxes and exer increasing energy prices. Small businesses are not going to be created while people are terrified about the direction of the economy. Obama's policies have created an atmosphere of anxiety and distrust. Banks cannot lend and investors will not invest. Meanwhile people are being squeezed by higher prices, higer taxes, and lower wages. The federal government continues to burden our children and grandchildren with massive debt. The dollar may crash. If that happens things will only get worse. So while Obama and his cronies are celebrating all the jobs they are supposedly creating or "saving" the real world keeps on suffering. Many analysts are predicting a double dip recession and the next crash will be worse. Dr. Doom has some dire predictions. I don't know a lot about him, but he predicted the financial collapse last year and he was right.

So while Obama finally decides to talk about creating jobs after losing millions of them, I am warning people to be prepared. I hope something happens to change the equation for the better. I hope we can stop the downward spiral. Unfortuantely, if Obama's first year in office has been an indicator I see things getting much worse. Of course the Obamabots will claim "well Obama inherited this mess from George Bush!" Shut up! Are you kidding me? That crap didn't fly when Bush "inherited" a recession from Clinton, why should Obama get a free pass? I guess the hope 'n change we were promised by Obama will be a lower standard of living for all Americans. I hope Obama wakes up and does the right thing. I hope he turns this thing around. I am not holding my breath for that though. To accomplish that he'd have to go against every leftist instinct in his body. I don't see that happening.