06 December 2009

Suhperman for Heisman!!!

***UPDATE: Suh finishes 4th in Heisman voting with the highest vote total ever for a 4th place finalist. Ingram of Alabama brings home the first ever Heisman for the Tide. Not unexpected at all. Suh is still the best player in college football.
***Update: Jim Rome of ESPN endorses Suh for Heisman.

Ndamukong Suh (First name means "House of Spears") defensive tackle for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers deserves serious consideration for the Heisman trophy. Especially following the Big 12 Championship Game last night. Suh almost singlehandedly destroyed Texas and nearly willed Nebraska to the upset win. If Nebraska had managed any offense whatsoever last night they would have won the game easily. Despite having virtually no offensive production and only 5 first downs, Nebraska should probably have won the game anyway. A key mistake on the last kickoff by the kicker and some questionable officiating was all that prevented an upset and ensuing BCS chaos. Suh is the leading candidate for every major defensive award for the year. He will most likely be the #1 draft pick (he is #1 on Mel Kiper's draft board) and he will be a force in the NFL. Despite facing double teams, holding, and being chop blocked all night by Texas offensive lineman, Suh exploded for 12 tackles (7 TFL) and 4.5 sacks. He destroyed the Texas offense and probably cost Colt McCoy a shot at the Heisman. If Suh doesn't at least get the invite to New York for the Heisman voting, it proves once and for all that the Heisman trophy is a meaningless award given only to flashy offensive players on winning teams. No player in college football this year has been more dominating and meant more to his team than Suh. Over the past two seasons Suh has been dominating offenses. He ran two interceptions back for TD's last year. He has 4 ints in his career, which is unsual for a DT. When he doesn't get the sack, he gets his hands up and breaks up the pass. When he doesn't make the tackle in the backfield he has the pursuit to run them down. He has blocked 4 field goals this season and is disruptive on every play. He leads his team in tackles! The 6'4 300lbs defensive tackle didn't start playing football until 8th grade. Before that he played soccer and his excellent footwork may be a product of that experience. He has the awareness of a linebacker and will often set only after hearing the calls and seeing the offensive formation. He is smart and that gives him as much of an edge as his physical tools. Runningbacks Gerhart of Stanford and Ingram from Alabama are certainly deserving of Heisman consideration and I won't be too mad if they win it. However, Suh should at least be given consideration. He is hands down the most dominating defensive lineman I have ever seen. If he stays healthy in the NFL he will be a force to reckon with.