25 January 2010

I Apologize for the Disappearing Act

Some things have come up in the recent weeks that required my immediate and undivided attention. I apologize for ignoring the blog lately. I am very busy right now, but I want to make sure no feels like I have forgotten them. I know there are some comments that I haven't looked at or replied to yet. Sorry for the delay. I am not trying to be rude or anything. I simply have had little time to be on the computer. I have a lot to say about recent events. I will try to post in the near future and reply to any comments that I have not yet read. If you commented and it hasn't posted yet it is because I have not read it yet. The blog comments are moderated so that I remember to read and reply to them. As soon as I get time I will reply to any comments still OTF. Hang in there folks. If things slow down in the next couple weeks I will be back to the blog more consistently.

15 January 2010

Finally Someone Calling Terrorism "Terrorism"

An administration official has finally called the Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack a terrorist attack.

A senior Obama administration official, speaking on background Friday to a group of reporters, characterized the Fort Hood shooting as "an act of terrorism,"

My favorite part of the story was this:

Hasan is in poor condition; he's paralyzed from the chest down and suffers from incontinence.

The perfect fate for a deluded jihadist.

14 January 2010

Now Our Rights Come from Government

This is scary. This video is from last month, but I wanted to post about it. First of all I am ashamed that there is an idiot like this in the senate, but I am not surprised. He is laying out exactly what I predicted. The progressives are passing this healthcare bill just to get the structure in place and later on they will add to it and engineer a more complete government takeover of the healthcare system. The most shocking thing is that he says that government can grant rights to the people. He says healthcare is an inalienable right now. He says that whenever "we" (meaning the senate) pass a right "we" always "build on it." So now the government grants us our rights. Not God or nature. So our rights are subject to revocation from the government now. This is very telling. Whenever they slip up like this it speaks volumes about their intentions. This may be the beginning of some very frightening stuff.

Housing Collapse

This is from a previous post I made back in June. The housing collapse recently came up in another discussion so I am reposting this portion:

Many people have expressed a lack of understanding on how we came to be in this economic mess in the first place. I did some reading and here is some of the factors that caused the meltdown. First there was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. This created an "affirmative obligation" that banks had to give more loans to poor people and minorities. In 1989 Congress changed the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and made banks record racial and other personal data on mortgage applications.Then in 1995 the Clinton Treasury Dept. began tracking loans by neighborhoods, income groups, and races. They used this data to rate the performance of banks. These ratings were used to determine if bank mergers, acquistions, or new bank branches would be approved. So the government encouraged banks to give more loans to poor and minorities. Groups like ACORN and other community activists began extorting banks and pressured them into making more bad loans. With all of this going on banks were forced to abandon traditional underwriting standards. Otherwise the government would not allow the banks to expand. This government interference created the subprime mortgage market. Then in 1992 the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development created government corporations Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy up bundles of these sub-prime loans.This diversified the risk and made more money available for banks to make more risky loans.Then Congress passed something called the Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act. As with most legislation the title did not match the bill. This essentially mandated that companies had to buy 45% of all loans from people of low to moderate incomes. In 1995 the treasury dept. established the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund and provided banks with tax money to encourage even more high risk subprime loans. Fannie and Freddie were not regulated or forced to adhere to standard business and oversight practices. When people called for them to open up their books and comply with ethical and financially sound regulations top congressional allies of Fannie and Freddie, including Barney Frank Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, and others resisted all efforts of reform. Meanwhile Fannie and Freddie executives cooked the books and awarded themselves millions in bonues. Government interference and social engineering created the derivatives market. Deriviatives are contracts. One bank would sell the risk associated with a mortgage to another company in exchange for payments based on the loan's value. It was kind of like buying insurance. People were gambling. They were betting on which mortgages would be foreclosed and which would not. This practice spread and multiplied the risk of bad mortgages to other parts of the economy. The last factor that played a huge role in the economic crisis was the Fed. From Jan. '01 to June '03 the Fed slashed interest rates from 6.5% to 1%. So the Fed imposed an easy money policy that artificially manipulated the housing market, interfered with normal market conditions, and destabilized the economy. When everything began to crash the government started spending money like crazy. First it was TARP at the end of '08. This program alone might exceed $1 Trillion. or 7% of our GDP. $350 billion of that TARP money is currently unaccounted for. The Fed also began bailing out companies like Bear Stearns and AIG, and of course Fannie and Freddie got $200 billion. The Fed all together gave out $7 trillion. Then of course there is the so called stimulus package which has also been a staggering waste of money. Thus far it has been a slush fund wrought with corruption and fraud. All of this spending has slowed economic recovery and will cause a lot of pain in the future. This thing is not over yet. So all in all there are a lot of culprits responsible for this economic meltdown. Its origins are further back than people realize. This storm has been coming for a long time and there are no clear skies in sight. So cheer up the worst is yet to come! ;-)

13 January 2010

Wednesday Hero

11 January 2010

Brrrrrr! It's Cold!

Yeah, I think we can move on from this global warming nonsense now.

30 years of global cooling?

Do the math.

Florida wildlife is dying from record COLD temps.

I have done a lot of reading about global warming and climate change. The numbers that the left likes to crank out do not add up. When it comes to climate the only constant is change. Where I live I am facing record cold temps and record snow fall amounts. Now warmists will say "short term trends don't mean anything!" My point exactly. Most of the global warming research is based on about 120 years of temperature data. A mere moment in time compared to the age of planet earth. The earth has been much much warmer than it is now. It has been much colder. It will get much colder and then maybe much warmer in the millenium to come. There is no climate change or global warming crisis. It is the invention of the political left for the purpose of seizing power and wealth. I have said before that there are serious environmental issues facing us. The global warming alarmism is undermining any common sense efforts that could be made to improve the environment. The engine of economic growth will fuel the creation of new technologies that would be beneficial to the planet in the long run. Perhaps a new eco-friendly energy source. But the solutions proposed by the left will only prevent or delay such progress. You see the left is not about progress. Progressives are anything but progressive. They are about tearing people down and lower expectations. Global warming solutions being proposed will lower our standard of living. The left wants to make everyone equally poor while securing wealth for themselves through the brute force of government.

06 January 2010

Wednesday Hero

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Cpl. Carlos E. Gil Orozco 

Several Obamacare Provisions Unconstitutional?

From YID With LID:

Section 3403 of the Senate health bill, establishing a commission to cut Medicare spending, says the law can't be changed or repealed in the future. This whopper shows that Congress thinks its work should be set in stone. Wrong. The people always have the right to elect a new Congress to change or repeal what a previous Congress has done.

A Senate health-bill amendment mysteriously allocates $100 million to an unnamed facility that "shall be affiliated with an academic health center at a public research university in the United States that contains a state's sole public academic medical and dental school" (Sec. 10502, p. 328-329). Why not name the facility?

This pork deal was arranged by Sen. Chris Dodd for the University of Connecticut Health Center, although 11 hospitals in the nation technically meet these specifications. If Congress wrote the provision in Polish or Russian to keep the public in the dark, it would be unconstitutional. The language is a deception. The fact that legislators commonly do this makes it more damaging, not less so.

The bills require you to enroll in a "qualified health plan," whether you want it or not. Forcing people to buy insurance obviously reduces the number of uninsured. But Congress doesn't have the authority to force people to buy a product.

Sen. Orin Hatch (R-Nev.) said on the Senate floor, "If Congress may require individuals to purchase a particular good or service . . . We could simply require that Americans buy certain cars . . . for that matter, we could attack the problem of obesity by requiring Americans to buy fruits and vegetables."

Some Congress members claim the "general welfare clause" of the Constitution empowers them to impose a mandate. But they're taking the phrase out of context. The Constitution gives Congress power to tax and spend for the general welfare, but not to make other kinds of laws for the general welfare.

The Senate bill (pages 320-324) claims the "interstate commerce" clause of the Constitution gives Congress this authority. But for half a century, states have regulated health insurance. In fact, individuals are barred from buying insurance in any state except where they live, the antithesis of interstate commerce.

Congressional majorities have frequently resorted to the commerce clause to justify their lawmaking. In FDR's first term, Congress cited it to pass the National Industrial Recovery Act, which gave the federal government power to micromanage local businesses, setting wages and hours and even barring customers from selecting their live chickens at the butcher. Two Brooklyn brothers, owners of Schechter Poultry Corp., a kosher chicken business, challenged that interference. In 1935, the US Supreme Court ruled the NIRA unconstitutional.

In 1995, the high court again admonished Congress against using the commerce clause as a basis for expanded lawmaking, even when the purpose is as worthy as keeping handguns out of a school zone (US v. Lopez). The court ruled that Congress must stick to its enumerated powers and leave states to police school zones (and, perhaps, mandate health insurance).

Never before has the federal government intruded into decisions made by doctors for privately insured patients, except on narrow issues such as drug safety. Nothing in the Constitution permits it. But the Senate bill makes you enroll in a plan and then says that only doctors who do what the government dictates can be paid by your plan.

"Qualified plans" can contract only with a doctor who "implements such mechanisms to improve health-care quality as the [current or future] secretary [of Health and Human Services] may by regulation require" (Sec. 1311, p. 148-49). That covers all of medicine, from heart care to child birth, stents to mammograms.

Finally, the "takings clause" of the Fifth Amendment bars government from taking your property without compensation. It should protect everyone, no matter how unpopular -- even insurance companies, but Congress ignored it in writing the health bill. The Senate version goes beyond reining in insurance-company abuses, a just cause, and actually caps insurance-company profit margins at well below current levels, robbing shareholders. Next year, Congress could impose similar caps on profit margins of bodegas, pizzerias and grocers, by arguing that food -- also a necessity -- is too expensive. Your business could be next.