14 January 2010

Now Our Rights Come from Government

This is scary. This video is from last month, but I wanted to post about it. First of all I am ashamed that there is an idiot like this in the senate, but I am not surprised. He is laying out exactly what I predicted. The progressives are passing this healthcare bill just to get the structure in place and later on they will add to it and engineer a more complete government takeover of the healthcare system. The most shocking thing is that he says that government can grant rights to the people. He says healthcare is an inalienable right now. He says that whenever "we" (meaning the senate) pass a right "we" always "build on it." So now the government grants us our rights. Not God or nature. So our rights are subject to revocation from the government now. This is very telling. Whenever they slip up like this it speaks volumes about their intentions. This may be the beginning of some very frightening stuff.