26 February 2010

Just a Word

Okay, just a word on the healthcare summit:


Obama and his democrat cronies have overplayed their hand. It will probably cost them dearly at the polls, but if they can force this healthcare bill through, against the will of the American people, it won't matter. The damage will have been done. This summit was a sham. Obama and the dems clearly were never considering any form of bipartisanship. It is the dems who have been partisan from the beginning. They continue to arrogantly flaunt their utter contempt and disregard for the American people (whom overwhelmingly reject Obama's 'hellthcare' proposals) and their obvious disrespect for the Constitution's limitations on federal power. There is still a good chance that the healthcare bill will go down in flames. The dems still might not have the votes. This has been a democrat problem from the beginning. They never needed a single republican vote all year last year. The opposition came from within the democrat party. They still might lose a couple more democrat lawmakers who have principles, or are just worried about getting reelected. Either way I welcome their opposition to this healthcare overhaul that puts the federal government in charge of a good chunk of the American economy. Centralized planning fails everytime it is tried. When will we learn from the mistakes of the past? We are either going to let freedom prevail and let the American people solve these problems, or our nation will end up just another mediocre quasi-socialist totalitarian nightmare smoldering in the ash of history.


Silke said...

SSG E said: Obama and the dems clearly were never considering any form of bipartisanship.

If that’s true than neither were Republicans. Personally I don’t think you can make those kinds of blanket statements about either party. There were probably some on both sides who might have compromised but when Jim Demint made it clear that HCR would be the President’s Waterloo and that it would “break him” you can hardly blame the lack of bipartisanship on just Democrats.

We are either going to let freedom prevail and let the American people solve these problems,…

How? Please provide specifics. This legislation hasn’t been passed yet so presumably freedom is still prevailing. Please tell me how the American people are going to fix Medicare, control rising health care costs and protect health insurance consumers?

SSG_E said...

Demint was referring to Obama's bizzare stubborness in the face of the public opposition to this healthcare reform boondoggle. So far it looks like he was right. He never said that if Obama wanted to start over he wouldn't negotiate a true healthcare reform bill. Are some repubs just playing the partisan games? Sure. But the dems are experts at playing the same game and they have done so consistently.

America needs to do the hard things. Govt spending must be drastically reduced. States and localities must be once again allowed to exercise their rights under the Constitution to self-rule. There are no easy answers left. Only the people and local govts can address this. We need 50 healthcare plans in 50 states. Experiment and then decide which components work best at lowering costs and increasing access. In the end the federal entitlement programs must go. They are unsustainable and cannot be fixed. We can either suffer some short time hardship to right the ship, or we all go down in flames.

We are facing a economic and fiscal nightmare caused by decades of progressive presidents from both parties inflating the federal budget. This cannot be solved in a year or with one proposal. Medicare is broke, along with the other big entitlements, and it is time to face the hard truth. The free ride is over. We need to get rid of the third party healthcare delivery system altogether. People need to pay for their own healthcare. The govt needs to get out of the entitlement business and allow the people to grow the economy and innovate. Stop impeding free market forces and healthcare costs will go down and access will increase. Healthcare is only part of the problem. We are on the Titanic and people are complaining that their feet are getting wet. Wet feet are not the problem, the damn ship is sinking! Similarly, healthcare is not the problem. We are sinking ourselves with spending and debt, just like the Roman Republic did, and the entitlement mentality is to blame.

Silke said...

SSG E said: Demint was referring to Obama's bizzare stubborness in the face of the public opposition to this healthcare reform boondoggle.

Demint made his statement before anyone even knew what the health care reform legislation would look like. Clearly the Republican leadership made the calculation that it would be better politics to kill HCR than improve it.

SSG E said: Stop impeding free market forces and healthcare costs will go down and access will increase.

The biggest reason health care costs so much in this country is because doctors and insurance companies get paid for quantity not quality. Your solution is to do nothing. I guess the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies will just change this practice on their own. No one will have to worry about pre-existing conditions or ambiguous coverage policies. It will all just work itself out eventually – right? So why didn’t that work for credit cards? Even Republicans realized that reasonable consumer protections were needed to promote a healthy market.

SSG_E said...

I never said that we should do nothing. I also do not want to allow insurance companies to roam freely. I'd prefer that people know what they are paying for in healthcare, rather than let a third party control the spending and costs. There should not be third party payers in a market. When that happens there is no incentive to hold down costs.

Credit cards are a bad example. There is no similarity whatsoever between credit card markets and healthcare markets. Look at cosmetic surgery and laser eye care. There is little govt interference in these markets. More importantly, there is little insurance company influence on these markets. People pay for these services. As a result the quality of these services has increased, and the costs of these services have decreased dramatically over the years. Inexpensive health clinics staffed by registered nurses are springing up in cities now. They can handle minor healthcare needs cheaply that normally costs hundreds of dollars for insurance companies and a regular doctor's office. When people are spending their money, the spend more wisely. They want to know how much it costs and they shop for the best price. When a health insurance company, or the govt, pay for something there is no incentive to hold down costs.

I want health insurance reform, but I want real lasting and positive reform. Obama and dems want a big govt plan that only advances progressive agendas and does little to actually make healthcare better or more affordable. That doesn't mean I want insurance companies to run wild. The truth is that businesses do not want free markets. A lot of businesses use big govt to legislate protection for themselves. The age of the republicans being the friend to big business is over. The democrats got more money from Wall Street in the last election than the republicans. Insurance companies love the idea of an individual mandate. A lot of their opposition to this reform is half-hearted. Many insurance companies are chomping at the bit to get this passed. The govt needs to be there as a referee to make sure the businesses are adhering to free market rules. No special political favors and no special protections should be afforded. Insurance companies are among the biggest beneficiaries of big govt policies. They have enjoyed special protections from the federal govt and have no problem with using govt to gain an advantage. The myth is that businesses want a free market. No they don't. They want to rig things in their favor. Politicians make this possible. It should be the govt's job to preserve and enforce the free market. Instead our govt is undermining the free market and making it possible for businesses to exploit rules and regulations to gain an advantage. Certain companies lobby politicians to gain the upper hand against competitors. We are seeing this a lot in the Obama admin., but it happens in every admin. That must end. We don't have a free market system in America. We haven't had one at least since the 1920's, but probably even before that. We need to go back to that and give it a try. It was the free market that made America great, and it could do so again if we let it.